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ÓYEME by Jessica Diaz

ÓYEME by Jessica Diaz

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ÓYEME, the debut poetry collection by Nuyorican writer - Jessica Diaz, draws from her Bronx & Borinquen roots to warmly welcome her readers to LISTEN.  Follow along on her introspective journey as she reflects on family, relationships, culture, love & loss and how to feel whole again despite pain, longing and insecurities that may remain.  Devoted to nurturing self-love, (r)empowerment, confidence and pride in where we’ve come from and where we are striving to go, Diaz celebrates these lessons learned to emphasize how healing allows us to embrace our full self.  This compilation is dedicated to listening to the subtle whispers of advice from our spiritual guides as well as the jarring jolts of harsh realities when life and love shout out the lessons that our heart and mind need to learn, and remember. 

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