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If Love Had a Name by Davina Ferreira

If Love Had a Name by Davina Ferreira

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If Love Had a Name is an outstanding collection of poems centered around real womanhood written by Colombian American poet, Davina Ferreira.

It is a lyrical whirlwind of self-love, independence, and the courage a woman needs to explore the world without a partner holding her hand and leading her through it. Ferreira has gathered up every ounce of womanly pride necessary to stand on her two strong feet and placed it here between these pages. A poetry book is a collection of poems, and a collection is defined as “an accumulation of objects gathered for study, comparison, or exhibition.” I encourage you to study these poems, compare these poems to your own experience, and let them be a divine exhibition of what it means to honor women, and celebrate their independent power.

20 percent of book sales will go to support
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