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Always Carry Me With You - A young widow’s journey of love, loss, and what comes after by Faby Ryan

Always Carry Me With You - A young widow’s journey of love, loss, and what comes after by Faby Ryan

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In May 2012, against all odds and after an incredibly difficult journey into motherhood, Faby Ryan gives birth to her miracle 1 lb 2 oz micro-preemie. After enduring a five-and-a-half month stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Faby and her husband, Danny Ryan are finally able to bring their daughter home, only to discover the journey doesn’t end there.

Three years later, while on a family vacation at the Colorado River, just North of Lake Havasu, Arizona, Faby Ryan loses her husband in a tragic accident leaving her a thirty-two-year-old widow and solo parent to their three-year-old special needs daughter, Emma.

After going through the most incredible loss in her life, Faby Ryan embarks on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and finding her true calling. In the midst of loss, pain, and heartache, her willingness to survive gives way to new adventures, new opportunities, and a newfound love for writing and sharing her story with the world. Her journey through loss ignites a fire in her she never knew she had. 

Always Carry Me With You is the story of Faby and Danny’s life together: their beautiful relationship, the journey into parenthood, and Faby’s immense loss and fight for survival after all the tragedy that changed her world. Her story is meant to inspire and give courage to anyone coping with overwhelming loss, trauma, and grief. It is a reflection of love, hope, motherhood, and adventure—a reminder that you can still find joy through loss.


Being a creator and lover of all thing’s beauty, Faby Ryan is a creative entrepreneur and writer. She is a proud mother and bilingual advocate and educator of all things preemie-hood and widowhood. Born to Mexican parents and raised in Los Angeles, California, Faby Ryan is a first generation Mexican-American.

Her passion for writing began early on at the young age of nine after discovering the writings of poet Pablo Neruda, which inspired her and awakened a deeper love for writing poetry, short stories, and sharing her words with the world. This gained her a few scholastic writing awards as well as a presidential award and pin. 

In 2012, after suffering three miscarriages, the loss of one of her twins, and giving birth to her 1 l b 2 oz micro-preemie surviving twin, Emma, Faby Ryan’s mission to tell her story of loss and survival ignited her advocacy toward parents of preemies. She has served as a volunteer for numerous platforms such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities and women’s shelters, and she has also participated and raised money toward March of Dimes/March for Babies every year since. Together with her daughter, Emma, she started her Give-Joy Project as a way to give back for her miracle; a project to support and let other parents of preemies currently in Neonatal Intensive Care Units know they are not alone.

 In 2015, after losing her husband, Faby Ryan began a second mission in sharing her grief journey as a young widow and solo parent. She started an online private support group called Widowed Solo Mommy which she plans to turn into a podcast. Her story has been published multiple times in online media platforms such as Love What Matters, a publication which features real life stories. Faby has made it her life’s mission to tell her story of survival hoping it might help others going through life’s hardships. 

Faby currently lives in Lakewood, California with her daughter, Emma, and her fur baby, Belle. When she is not writing, sharing, or advocating, you can find Faby doing one of the things she loves most: spending time with family and friends or adventuring the great outdoors with Emma, hiking, exploring, traveling, and #ShowingEmmytheWorld. 

This book is for anyone who has ever experienced the downsides of life. The dark times. The hardship. The struggles. And for who, at one point or another, has felt alone. Please know you are not alone. This book is meant to help inspire you to live a full, beautiful life and find joy in spite of the hardship life has thrown at you. 


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