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All she is - A bilingual poetry collection by Cynthia J. Villa

All she is - A bilingual poetry collection by Cynthia J. Villa

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All She Is is a love story about all of what-couldn’t-be. It is a reflective and intimate quest to healing the soul through a compilation of introspective bilingual poetry. Poemas en inglés y en español that will sail the reader into a voyage of heartbreak, grief, agony, self-worth, and the bitterness of loss. This book is for anyone who has struggled with the enduring pain of a broken heart and the burden of a million what-ifs.


Cynthia J. Villa is a Mexican-American poet and writer from Wilmington, California. As a child, she lived in Michoacán, Mexico with her parents and two brothers. Upon her adverse return to el Norte and her struggles with the cultural clash, she eventually learned to exist in-between two languages. As a teenager, a yearning to alleviate the grief, heartache, and ambiguity caused by her mother’s unpredictable death invited her to submerge in the mythical world of poetry.

Eventually, her writings became a proclamation of self-healing. Her poetry now immerses in themes of Love, Loss, Heartache, Healing, and Self-Empowerment. She has exhibited her work under the pen name, cjLeubh, on social platforms, and her work was featured in Alegria Magazine’s, The Latinx Poetry Project in 2020. As a self-published author, Cynthia hopes to invoke other Latinx artists, poets and writers to voice their stories.

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