Latin América: A Spoken Word Play

Presented by Alegría Bilingual Bookstores and Arts Collective, this production brings together a stellar lineup of 20 Latine/x artists, poets, and performers who will immerse you in the world of the spoken word. From seasoned writers to rising stars, this dynamic showcase promises to elicit laughter, tears, and thought-provoking reflection.

Latin América: A Spoken Word Play is a testament to the resilience and creativity of artists of color in today's world. It celebrates the beauty and power of embracing our unique stories and cultural heritage of the Latine/x community. This production has been made possible through the unwavering support of our community, including the Alegría Publishing, a generous grant from the Poetry Foundation, and the invaluable contributions of community members.

Our artists:

Jean Pierre Rueda - América Tildada 

Jean-Pierre Rueda is a Costa Rican poet and writer based in Compton, California. Jean-Pierre Rueda released his first Spanish poetry collection Herencias through Alegría Publishing in 2021. His book discusses love, family, immigration, heritage and celebrates historical Latinx figures as monuments of artistic and cultural success. Jean-Pierre Rueda has performed his poetry at East LA Film Festival in LA, DA Center for the Arts, Chevalier’s Books, Village Well Bookstore, The Last Bookstore, RE/Arte Centro Literario, Café Con Libros and Sims Library of Poetry.

Instagram: @poetatico


Dhayana Alejandrina - Naci de Mujeres de Cacao

Dhayana Alejandrina is a Dominican poet, speaker, and writing mentor. Her works have been featured in various publications, such as Penguin Random House, the Dominican Writers Association, and I Am An Immigrant, among others. She launched her debut collection of prose and poetry, Agridulce, in 2021 and has been involved in several projects, including serving as a poetry judge, collaborating on a sonic film titled THE DARK WOMB, and being a guest speaker at the prestigious Black Writers Weekend 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her work has inspired and motivated many aspiring artists, making her an asset to the literary community.

Instagram: @dhayanalejandrina


Viviana Escobar - Legacy

Viviana is a wellness expert and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others find healing and growth. She has developed her own method of breathwork, called The Mana Breathwork Method, which she uses to help people break down the traditional separation between mind and body. Viviana works with a wide range of clients, including Royal families, Diplomats, celebrities, and athletes, and offers workshops, classes, and individual sessions to people all over the world. She's also an author, and her first book, a collection of poetry, reflections, and meditations called "Bending Our Reality," is set to be released in 2023.

Instagram: @vivescobar


Blanca Figueroa - Roots

Blanca Figueroa works in the corporate world during the day and is an artist at all other times. An oil painting, yoga teaching, poet. After having her work published in “The Latinx Poetry Project” in 2020, she enrolled in Alegria Publishing’s writing course to begin writing her poetry collection. At the heart of Blanca’s writing you will find a genuine recounting of the bitter and the sweet inner explorations that occur when the awareness of oneself and our own power settles in. Blooming will be published in late 2023. Find Blanca sharing poetry locally or teaching yoga at a park.

Instagram: @blancafig


Virginia Bulacio

Virginia Bulacio - La primera vez 

Virginia Bulacio is an Argentinean writer, educator, and storyteller. She immigrated to the US when she was in high school, and since she found writing and arts to express her feelings as an immigrant in the US. During the pandemic, she focused on her writing on poetry to document stories about the undocumented community in Los Angeles. Virginia published her first bilingual poetry collection: Luna Inmigrante. In her poems and stories, she explores migration, dreams, survival, DACA, traumas, fears and the immigrant journey.

Instagram: @virginiabulacio


Diana Medina

Diana Medina - Inner Child 

Diana Medina is a first-generation Mexican American poet, educator, writer, and storyteller born and raised in Los Angeles. Her debut poetry collection, Healing Out Loud was released by Alegria in 2021. She is also a co-author of Amplify Student Voices, a book on incorporating creative public speaking into classrooms. Diana is based in the Bay Area, where she is the Head of Storytelling and Marketing for The Practice Space, a Richmond-based nonprofit serving youth and adults. She also Hosts Capital Storytelling’s monthly Community StoryLab and teaches storytelling courses for adults. She believes all people speak in poetry.  

Instagram: @offtheclocker


Emmanuel Loarca

Emanuel Loarca  - Hollywood Here I Come

Actor, writer, director and producer.  Has performed in over ninety plays.  Founded Teatro Akabal Theatre to create original works that advocate for social justice. His autobiographical solo show LA FAMILIA DE EMANUEL was awarded Best Actor and Best Play by the audience at LAITF.  Film: War Within the Cartel, Snuff Dogs, Matador, Above the Desert with no Name. TV: Falcon, Young Sheldon, The Rookie, Hacks, Barry, Goliath, Tales of Titans, Criminal Minds, Castle, Jane the Virgin, The Bridge, Los Consejos de la Abuela, See Dan Run,  Sex and the city, The Sopranos, Law & Order CI, Guiding light among others.

Instagram: @emanuel.loarca


Jona Velazquez

Jona Velazquez - Una Cebolla

Jona Velasquez is a Colombian American multimedia artist based in Los Angeles. He studied Journalism at LACC and obtained a BA in Communication Studies from CSUN.   His first book, Cuellos Sangrantes: Una Antologia de Historias Cortas, is a collection of short horror stories in Spanish published through Alegria Publishing. He’s a traveler and works as a health promoter serving underrepresented communities around the country. 

Instagram: @jonazeuqsalev


Tyler Bradley

Tyler Lenn Bradley - Consumed

Tyler Lenn Bradley (she/her) is a traveling poet and mental warrior aspiring to bring radiance and courage to the lives of others. Tyler's poetic works have been featured in various anthologies and she has performed throughout the United States and Europe. Recently, Tyler wrote her first book of poetry, Phasing Freely, which will be published by Alegria publishing in 2023. You can follow Tyler's poetry and travels through her Instagram accounts @TylerLennBradley and @TheFandomTravelers. 

Instagram: @TylerLennBradley


Iyari Arteaga - Untitled

Iyari, whose name means corazon in Wixaritari, is a Indigenous Mexican and Puerto Rican poet and theater artist. Her parents, who she offers much gratitude to, ensured that she was surrounded by community-based arts throughout her life. These experiences taught her how the arts are an outlet for self-expression, healing, social justice, and helped guide her own art and career as an arts advocate. Iyari received her MA in Museum Studies from the University of San Francisco, has co-curated exhibitions, performed with Teatro Izcalli, and is publishing her debut poetry book, The Incantation of My Hands, in 2023!

Instagram: @iyari_a_


Franceli Chapman - It’s a Dominican Thing

Franceli Chapman-Varela is an award-winning Afro-Latina Actor. Between Spaces is her debut poetry collection. Franceli has performed in off-off Broadway theaters. Her play, A Work in Progress, was produced at the Castillo Theater as part of the Young Playwrights Festival. Her short story, "A Runner's Heart'' was featured in Audible book: "Talking while Female and Other Dangerous Acts.” Franceli has written for Houston Style Magazine, Broadway Black, Soul Essence Magazine and has been featured in the NY TIMES, Amsterdam News, CNN, and Telemundo. Find her preaching, hiking or belting Karaoke tunes in Los Angeles. More info at

Instagram: @celihangout 


Leisly Roman - Untitled

Leisly Ann is a Dominican-American writer and poet born and raised in New York City. She is the eldest daughter of Dominican-immigrant parents, a proud member of the Latinx community, as well as a passionate advocate for mental health, as can be seen in much of her writing. Living with a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and plagued by what is now a decade-long battle with disordered eating, she strives to use poetry to make space for topics such as cultural expectations, mental illness, and healing. Leisly holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology.

 Instagram: @_literaryhope


Kamilah Mercedes Valentín Diaz  - Lousy Chicken 

Kamilah Mercedes Valentín Díaz is a Brown girl con orgullo. She’s a chronic overthinker who reads, writes, and fights her way through life. In 2022, she published her debut poetry collection, Moriviví: To have Died yet Lived, with Alegria Publishing. In 2023, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and minors in English and Anthropology from Purdue University. A Boricua living in diaspora, she’s committed to decolonization, and finds her vehicle to resistance through self-expression. Exploring topics of girlhood, place, space, culture, mental health, and home; she hopes to inspire others to follow their calling. 

Instagram: @kams_conchispas


Alegría Zuluaga - No soy de aquí ni de allá

Alegría Zuluaga holds a BA from Cal State Long Beach in Comparative World Literature and Linguistics. Her love for language and culture has always been a big motivator for her wandering spirit. A writer and an advocate for education through literature and art, she teaches creative writing workshops and has been published in her university magazine. She has performed at the International Latine Conference and HBO’s launch party of The Gordita Chronicles. Her first poetry collection focuses on the heartbreaks and heart-mending she has learned to put together as a mosaic that is her first book “Ella Es”. 

 Instagram: @aizt_


Lisbeth Coiman - Parchita / Passion Poetry

Lisbeth Coiman is a Venezuelan born bilingual author concerned with issues of identity, mental health, immigration, and social justice.

 Instagram: @parchitapoet





Jessica Diaz - Soy/Somos

Latinx "Artivist" and Bronx-native, Jessica Diaz, credits her urban roots and Puerto-Rican heritage most for fueling her lifelong commitment to education, advocacy and The Arts - using poetry and storytelling to raise awareness, empower the Self and the Culture. With work published in the "BX Writers Anthology: Volume One & Two", “Year Gone Hazy: Send-Offs to 2020”, Asteri(x) Journal, The Sims Library of Poetry and Barrio Panther: Vol. 4, Jessica’s 1st book, ÓYE(ME) – a collection reminiscing on lessons learned in life, love & loss, is set for release this Summer 2023 through ALEGRIA Publishing. 

Instagram: @jboogie193


Janette Valenzo - Mac’n’Cheese (a response to “Harlem” by Langston Hughes)

Janette Valenzo (she/ella) is a bilingual Chicana artist and educator. She freelances with nonprofits and schools on arts education, mental health advocacy, and higher education access. Janette holds a M.Ed. in School Counseling from USC and a BFA from NYU. Her debut poetry book, “Before I Say Goodbye,” was published April 2022 with Alegria Publishing. For more on her work, visit

 Instagram: @janettevalenzo


Davina Ferreira - Was it Worth it?

Davina Ferreira is a Miami-born and Colombia-raised poet, speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Alegría Media & Publishing, which connects the world with Latinx books & magazines. Davina has written 7 indie books to date, including her award-winning poetry collection, If Love Had A Name, winner of The Juan Herrera Poetry Award by the Latino Book Festival, and she has been recognized by CSQ Magazine, Harvard’s Latina Lead Conference, Google Women’s Summit, and Oprah Daily for her contributions to the bilingual community through her mobile bookstore. 

 Instagram: @davifalegria


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